Saturday, December 17, 2016

Initial Review: Strict Gate Chastity Device

i have received my Strict Gate chastity device in the mail today (  Upon opening the box, similarities between the Strict Gate chastity device and the Birdlocked chastity device packaging are immediately apparent.  Both devices come with a similar case.  The similarities with the Birdlocked chastity device do not stop there, however.

i've always liked my Birdlocked Mini - the comfort of the silicone cage has been unrivaled.  And the Strict Gate features the same cage as that Birdlocked Mini.  What i have not been particularly fond of in the Birdlocked Mini is the ring, and the modified hose clamp used to hold everything tight.  I find that one or both testicles can retract too easily through the ring, even while locked. 

When it comes to ring shapes and perceived security, i've always liked the Holy Trainer chastity device rings.  They fit comfortably and are contoured nicely.  Strict Gate has taken the Holy Trainer ring (and lock assembly) and mounted the Birdlocked Mini cage to the Holy Trainer ring.  The soft silicone cage includes the tab of the Holy Trainer cage that extends back underneath the ring.  The soft tab, however, is more comfortable that the rigid tab of the Holy Trainer.  This promises to be a very comfortable combination.  Time (and only the test of time) will tell.

Speaking of promises, the Strict Gate chastity device includes a pledge ring but the pledge ring can be exchanged for different alternative rings: a tiny pico ring, a glow in the dark lumino ring, and an enforcing stricto ring (reminiscent of the points of intrigue teeth that could be inserted into a CB6000).  Some day down the line, if i like the Strict Gate device enough, i might consider trying the variety of pledge rings.  For now, i'll give this a try and see how it goes with an extended trial period.

Off to see how things go.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Day Three

As i write this, according to my Days Since app, it has been 3 days, 2 hours and 57 minutes since i put myself into my Mature Metal chastity cage and closed the lock.  She is aware that i am locked but doesn't seem too interested in playing; She's been through a lot lately and still isn't fully healed so i understand Her lack of desire to play.

Only three days in and my desire for sexual contact of any kind is starting to increase.  i can feel the urges to handle things myself increasing but i really want to resist so not having the keys to my relief, so to speak, is very helpful.  This is just a short post for today - more like a journal entry.

i will say, since it has been so long since i've locked away, the slight discomfort that arises from time to time is a reminder to me of why i do this: not for me, but for Her.  It increases my focus on things that should matter more to me.

my to do list for today:
(1) develop a weekly chore list to ease Her burden going into the new year (if anyone has one, i'd love to see it)
(2) walk or run 10,000 steps
(3) clean up the kitchen

Monday, September 15, 2014

Time for a Quickie

Just to let those who follow this blog know, i have slipped back into the Public Enemy Number 1 (thanks, at least in part, to a brief exchange with @TheMistressCara over the weekend).  i want to wear it as much as i can to determine whether it is more sturdy than the old CB6000s.

i will be removing it for exercising and for showering.  During exercise, i experience chaffing no matter what device i wear (the Birdlocked seems to be the most tolerable) and i am still trying to shed some weight.  During showering, i just need to be able to shave and to feel clean.

i also have bought the mystim i should be able to play with electro stimulation at some juncture, maybe as early as this weekend.

i will probably post a revised review with pictures taken by myself at some point in the future.  In the meantime, have a great week. xx