Sunday, December 25, 2011

Seizing the Opportunity

Someone once asked that i explain how i first broached the topic of chastity devices with my Wife.  Keep in mind that She still considers chastity devices "freaky," as in "weird," but i at least took my masturbatory life in my hands and introduced Her to the idea.

She was on a trip to see Her parents and i remained home because i couldn't take the time off of work.  On these occasions, i typically self-lock.  And this trip was no different.  To try to ease the pangs of separation, She had been texting me pictures of Her in little to no clothing, a definite uptick in our relationship spice.

One night, She texted me that She lost a ring that i had given to Her as a present.  It was cold where She was and Her fingers had shrank, which allowed the ring to fall from Her finger.  The ring truly was not that expensive and i knew that i could buy the exact same ring again if needed.  i was not worried.  She was.  i began joking with Her about locking Her rings on Her fingers.

After a series of texts, i felt like i saw an opening so i texted Her that i had a ring on my cock and that it was locked in place.  She continued joking along those lines.  i went online and found a picture someone had taken of a Birdlocked chastity device and sent it to Her.  She wouldn't be able to tell if it was me or someone else given the composition of the picture.  i felt fairly safe.

Her response shocked me.  She replied "nice picture."  i swallowed hard.  i thought i might be standing on the verge of "be careful what you wish for."  Her next text asked where the device came from.  i came clean about the wasn't me.

The day She was to return home, i texted Her the picture to the right, which i took of myself locked in the Birdlocked.  i didn't tell Her i had been locked for 7 straight days at that point.  My text read:

"Since you liked the other photo, i went out and found the same locking ring.  You can have the key and unlock it when You want. ;) By the way, i still love those pictures."

When She arrived home, the keys were on my bathroom counter.  She asked what they were, and i reminded Her.  She didn't ask to see it...She also didn't ask if i was still wearing it.

That night, we retired to the bedroom and, after a while, she turned off the television.  Her indication that She wants to play around in bed is turning off the television.  i started to swell within the cage of the Birdlocked.  She pulled me to Her and we began to engage in typical foreplay.  Eventually, Her hands moved down to my pajama bottoms and my mind (and heart) starting racing.  This was it.  She was going to find out for sure and i am going to find out what She thinks.

Her fingers danced below my waistband and then Her hand quickly raced around my encased package.  She didn't freak out yet She also didn't seize Her opportunity.  Rather, once She was sure what She was feeling with Her fingers, She asked that i go remove the Birdlocked and come back to bed.  She didn't like the way it felt on me and She said She thought the Birdlocked made my testicles feel like tennis balls (they get pulled tight when locked).  She also wanted to play and the Birdlocked was going to prevent that from happening.

Later, She would take a look at the Birdlocked and explain that She just wasn't comfortable with it and that it looked sort of freaky.  She hasn't completely dismissed the concept but She clearly is not ready for enforced chastity...yet.