Monday, September 6, 2010

Halloween Delight

"Honey, when you have a moment, can you please come in here?" My wife was calling to me from the bedroom. 

For months I have been stepping up around the house.  I have been reading online about housekeeping and steadily increasing my workload around the house.  My wife was beginning to enjoy her new found free time.  She was spending time at the gym.  She was going out for nice dinners with her friends.  Basically, she was getting the "her time" that every married woman needs.

I, on the other hand, no longer was golfing, going to the bar or playing poker with the other men in the neighborhood.  Instead of donning a golf glove, I was putting on rubber gloves.  Instead of worrying about being dealt a bad hand, I was worrying about getting dishpan hands.

I quietly knocked and waited for permission from her to enter. Upon entering, I could see her at her desk carefully studying a magazine, but I couldn't make out exactly what kind of magazine.  She slowly turned in my direction.

"Sit down on the bed for a minute.  I just wanted to thank you," she started.  "You have been working your fingers to the bone so that I can relax and enjoy myself.  And I truly appreciate it."

"You are very welcome honey.  It's the least I can do to show you my appreciation," I replied, maybe a little bit too quickly.

"Dear, please don't interrupt.  When I am ready for you to talk, I will let you know.  Until then, please remain quiet."

I nodded in reply.

"You know that I have been going to dinner with Lisa and Louisa, right?"

I nodded once again so as to not frustrate her further.

"Lisa is hosting a Halloween party tomorrow night and she invited us a few weeks back.  I have been struggling with the costumes but, when I was talking with Louisa over coffee this morning, she mentioned how nice it must be to have a maid.  That's when I knew it."  She paused, almost uncomfortably long.

My puzzled expression must have given her the suggestion that I had no idea what "it" was.

"I still have not decided what my costume will be, but you will be attending as a maid."

I struggled to hold my tongue and to control my emotions.  I must have looked startled but I did not speak.

She then showed me a page of the magazine she was looking through.  It was actually a catalog from a costume store.  The images were shocking but she quickly pointed to the French Maid.

"This is it, hubby, this is the costume I am getting for you.  You will look so sweet wearing it, I just know it."

I started shaking my head with wide, teary eyes.

"Relax, honey, everything will be all right.  You'll see..."

to be continued?


Saturday, September 4, 2010

Not Exactly In The Cards...

i stumbled upon this via another blog and i was totally and completely amazed by the control exerted. While i know this doesn't exactly fit with a chastity blog, i loved the video so much i had to share.