Friday, April 22, 2011

Birdlocked v. CB6000s - Preliminary Review

The gauntlet has been thrown down. Which device will come out on top in the cage match of cages?  Interesting that, since i tweeted about wearing the Birdlocked, i received more than a couple of questions about the device.  In my anecdotal research and in my browsing of chastity-themed captions and pictures, no device is more recognized than the CBX000 family of male chastity devices, which includes the CB6000s that i have worn almost exclusively of late.

i bought the Birdlocked in January, around January 21, 2011, and i was first able to get it on my body in March, around March 19, 2011.  i wore it for one night.  Now, with an extended period of travel for my Wife, i have the time necessary to experiment longer term with the Birdlocked device that i purchased quite some time ago. 


The CB6000s

The CB6000s chastity device is manufactured and sold by A.L. Miller Enterprises, Inc. of the United States.  The chastity device is made of a medical-grade polycarbonate material.  The device comprises a cage and a separate ring that, when properly positioned and locked together, promise to restrict access to the penis.  The cage is vented and includes an opening at the end to allow urination.  The cage is 2-1/2 inches in length and has an inside diameter of 1-3/8 inch.  While the cage is fairly small, given that it is spaced apart from the ring, it can accommodate penises longer than 2-1/2 inches when flaccid.  The rings, when assembled, have inner diameters of 1-1/2 inches, 1-5/8 inches, 1-3/4 inches, 1-7/8 inches and 2 inches.  Essentially, the ring is assembled behind the testicles such that it encircles the penis, just as a cock ring would.  The cage is slipped over the penis and locked to the properly sized ring.  The CB6000s has a current retail price of $149.95.

The Birdlocked Mini

The Birdlocked Mini chastity device is manufactured and sold by Birdlocked & Co. of Switzerland.  The chastity device is made of a medical Silicone material.  The chastity device is a one-piece sheath and ring construction that requires no assembly of the sheath to the ring.  As with the CB6000s chastity device, the Birdlocked chastity device is vented and includes an opening at the end to allow urination.  The Birdlocked Mini sheath is 2.12 inches long and has an inside diameter of 1.18 inches.  The total length, from back of the ring to the tip of the sheath is 3.3 inches.  The ring has a length of 1.18 inches and an inner diameter of 45 mm.  Essentially, the ring is slid over the testicles and the penis just like a cock ring and then feed the penis into the sheath before locking the tip of the sheath in position along the lower part of the ring using a locking strap.  The Birdlocked Mini has a current retail price of about $165.00 from the manufacturer. 

As a side note, i bought both of my devices from the Stockroom. The Stockroom carries the Birdlocked Mini for $130.00 and the CB6000s for $149.95.  Also, once i have removed the Birdlocked Mini, i will include side-by-side comparison images and, before removing the Birdlocked Mini, i will take pictures for comparison with pictures of the CB6000s.


Appearances and First Impressions
Both products are equally impressive in the manufacturing and overall appearance.  Nevertheless, the CB6000s has a slight edge in my opinion because the more rigid polycarbonate provides a more elegant look to the product.  This could be conditioning of my eye, because most of the devices being used in photo shoots and video shoots are from the CBX000 family of products.

Putting On the Devices

The CB6000s clearly stands out above the Birdlocked Mini when it comes time to don the chastity device.  Following a short period of experimentation to find a comfortable ring size (i.e., one that is tight enough for security but not so tight that things turn inappropriate colors), assembly of the three part puzzle that makes up the ring is simple and quick.  The top portion of the ring is the same from ring-size to ring-size.  Putting the u-shaped main portion of the ring between the testicles and the body, the two top portions are assembled over the root of the penis to capture the testicles and the penis.  The cage can be slid over the penis in any manner chosen (e.g., stocking method or with lubrication).  i prefer to use lubrication.  A spacer is positioned between the cage and the ring and a post inserts through the back of the ring, through the spacer and through a hole in the base of the cage.  A lock (e.g., plastic lock or padlock) can be inserted through a hole in the post to lock everything together.  Simple.  The only issues i ever had were: (1) getting the right combination of ring sizes and spacer/post sizes and (2) inadvertent pinching of skin when locking assembling the ring or when fitting the cage, space and ring together.

The Birdlocked Mini, on the other hand, was next to impossible to fit to my body.  Before heading out to the store to buy the Birdlocked Mini, i spent a bit of time researching sizing.  i ultimately selected the largest ring size for the Birdlocked Mini (i.e., 45 mm) based upon the ring size i was wearing comfortably with the CB6000s.  The first time i tried to slip into the Birdlocked Mini, i spent well over 45 minutes of futile efforts and i gave up.  i tossed the chastity device in my bag and thought i would never be able to use something that i had purchased for over $100.  i continued to research and found that many guys with similar anatomical features (i.e., high and tight scrotums) had difficulty putting on the Birdlocked devices.

One day, as i was surfing around the Internet, i came across a video of a guy slipping into a Birdlocked device.  The video was only available for a very short window of time before the censors got to it and stripped it from the hosting site.  Nevertheless, through the magic of that video, i had witnessed someone slip into a Birdlocked device.  My first reaction was: "i am being too gentle with myself - i need to be more confident about pushing and pulling to make this happen."  Seems you need to thread one testicle through the ring sideways by pulling it through the ring and then push as much skin and such through until you can get the second testicle through the ring.  The second one consistently didn't want to follow the first.

Earlier in the same day, i had read a recommendation that the Birdlocked devices be put on following a 15 minute hot bath and using a petroleum jelly to lubricate the ring.  i proceeded to dig my Birdlocked Mini out of my bag, i grabbed a tube of petroleum jelly and i filled the bathtub with hot water. A half hour later, i was within the protective confines of my Birdlocked Mini.  The only question running through my head was: "okay, it was really hard to put will it come off?"  i put that question aside for the night and figured i could worry about that tomorrow or during the night if something wasn't feeling right .

Thus, i can quickly and efficiently (perhaps even with my eyes closed or in the dark now) put myself into the CB6000.  On the other hand, putting myself into my Birdlocked Mini takes much more time, energy and effort.  At times i may close my eyes, but it takes quite a bit of pushing, pulling and faith to put my relatively modest package into the Birdlocked Mini.

The Comfort Factor When Flaccid

What the Birdlocked Mini loses during donning, it more than makes up for in the comfortability category when going through the day.  Over the course of a day or two, the rigid polycarbonate ring of the CB6000s can start to cause a burning sensation in the parts of the testicles that are in contact with the ring.  i have tried lubrication with hand creams and the like but, given sufficient time in lock down, the creams absorb or are washed away in the shower and the burning sensation will return.  i attribute this to the living, breathing, shrinking and swelling nature of the male anatomy and the inability of the ring to flex and conform to the body.

On the other hand, the ring of the Birdlocked Mini is formed of a pliable Silicone material.  The material conforms nicely to the anatomy and, due to the increased tackiness of Silicone relative to polycarbonate, the ring does not significantly shift relative to the underlying anatomy.  Having been locked into the Birdlocked Mini for almost 36 hours, very little burning sensation if any has been felt.

By way of counterpoint, however, the rigid polycarbonate cage of the CB6000s seems to be more comfortable relative to the Silicone sheath of the Birdlocked Mini.  Where the tackiness of the ring seems to be a positive for comfort in the ring region, the tackiness of the sheath of the Birdlocked Mini grips the head a bit awkwardly.  On the other hand, the rigid polycarbonate cage allows the head and length of the penis to slide a bit more freely as the penis grows and shrinks throughout the day.  In my view, the comfort of the ring out ways the downside of the sheath so i would rate comfort during everyday wear higher for the Birdlocked Mini.

The Comfort Factor During Erections

Ah, but the comfort for the wearer during erections also goes to the Birdlocked Mini.  The CB6000s is rigid and does not give at all.  If the wearer is a grower, much like me, an erection can become very painful because the penis is trying to grow larger around and in length than the CB6000s is willing to allow.  The limit also can be seen as the entire CB6000s bobs up and down with the erection.  As the erection becomes stiffer, the cage moves upwardly.  As the erection becomes softer, the cage moves downwardly.

On the other hand, the Silicone material of the Birdlocked Mini allows some flexing of the material during an erection.  While the length clearly is limited, the girth can be somewhat better accommodated by the Silicone material of the sheath.  The limited length can cause some pain, just like the CB6000s.  Thus, if more painful erections is what you are after, the CB6000s wins.  If reduced pain, and simple chastity, is what you are after, the Birdlocked Mini is better than the CB6000s.

The Mind Fuck

Truthfully, the CB6000s wins here but probably only because of my prior experiences with the CB6000.  If you have followed me for any time, you will remember that both my CB6000 and my CB6000s have split along the seam.  In addition, the rings have cracked where the bottom portion meets the two upper portions.  Both instances placed fairly sharp edges and pinch points in some pretty sensitive regions.  i worry every time i put the devices on that i will end up bleeding.

On the other hand, i worry about testicle torsion and testicle rupture when slipping into the Birdlocked Mini.  i don't know of any documented cases of either...but i don't want to be the first.

All things considered, the mental trauma associated with putting on the Birdlocked Mini subsides and is very short lived while the fear of a split seam or cracked ring with the CB6000s is constant while i am wearing the CB6000s.  Thus, the fear and mind fuck are heavily tipped in the direction of the CB6000s.


While the Birdlocked Mini advertising touts the ability to be concealed under clothing, i personally believe that the CB6000s has a sleeker profile when installed as compared to the Birdlocked Mini.  i think the difference simply results from the construction of the cage: the CB6000s bends downward more severely than the Birdlocked Mini.  Thus, under clothing, the CB6000s assumes a more natural appearance when compared to the Birdlocked Mini.


For some readers, this is the biggest point of interest.  For security, i give a tie.  Useful information, right?  The CB6000s has a construction that allows the wearer to tip the cage downward and slip the penis from the cage rearward through the ring.  Thus, without added accessories, there seems to be an easy way to escape and even reinsert into the cage.

In addition, the construction of the CB6000s also admits to use as a sleeve to rub the penis.  Movement of the cage relative to the penis is easily accomplished and, if desired, the movement can be used to approach or achieve an orgasm.  Yes, it is a pretty unsatisfactory orgasm, but it is possible if the wearer is frustrated enough.

On the other hand, the pliable Silicone sheath of the Birdlocked Mini grips the penis and limits this type of manual manipulation.  The Silicone sheath can be squeezed and, in this completely different manner, an orgasm can be approached or achieved.

If i had to say one or the other was more secure, i would side with the Birdlocked Mini simply because, even when body wash or lotion is used, i have not been able to withdraw my penis from the sheath.  Given how difficult i find the Birdlocked Mini to put on while it is unlocked, even if i could somehow Houdini my way out of the sheath, i doubt i would ever be able to reinsert.  For this reason, i would pick the Birdlocked Mini over the CB6000s for security as long as all other accessories are omitted from the discussion.

Conclusion and Improvements

If i had all the time in the word to insert and lock myself, i would side with the Birdlocked Mini.  In the real world, i don't have enough time for that, so i will wear the Birdlocked Mini when i have time and fall back to the CB6000s when i do not have time.

If i could talk to the engineers at either company, i think an improvement on both would be to comold the silicon over top of a polycarbonate cage with the structure of the Birdlocked Mini.  The polycarbonate cage would prevent manual manipulation of the penis through the cage but the upsides of the Birdlocked Mini would largely be maintained.  The Silicone would reduce the likelihood of the cage splitting.  The locking rings for both devices admit of improvement but i am not sure how i would improve the constructions.  The width of the ring of the Birdlocked Mini is good from reducing the ability to withdraw through the ring but i think the Silicone material also helps in this regard.  Further research and consideration are required in the ring department.

Well, for now, that's all i have.  If you have follow-up questions, go ahead and post them or message me on twitter (@ChasteHubby).  Good night and God speed.