Saturday, February 20, 2010

Quick Update - Mid-February

Thank you everyone for the direct messages and the comments asking for updates.  Encouragement always motivates.

First, i remain in the daily struggle for control over a wandering mind.  My Wife is beautiful, sexy and very attractive to me - the struggle is internal and always has been there. Even in college, when i was dating other Women, i struggled to control myself.  So, to those of Y/you reading this as Y/your first exposure to my blog, my need for chastity is very real.

On to some updates...

Broken CB6000 Cage

i broke my CB6000.  Yes, Y/you read that correctly. i split the seam that joins the bottom of the two molded halves.  i didn't realize that it was split at first. One day, as i was putting the CB6000 on, i felt an unfamiliar pinch so i removed the device to inspect it.  The pinch was on the top, but as i inspected the device, i came to realize that the top seam was just beginning to separate as a result of the bottom seam being completely separated.  This was a tad discouraging, encouraging in that my erections must be pretty strong to be able to pull the two halves of the CB6000 apart (*patting self on back*), but discouraging nonetheless.

In hindsight, i wish i had taken pictures of my broken cage and the repair process.  In a nutshell, i first attempted to cement back together the split portions of the seams.  i bought a tube of Elmer's Model and Hobby cement.  i opened up the split seams and, using a cotton swab (e.g.,  Q-Tip), i applied the cement and pressed the seams back together.  After waiting 24 hours, i tested the resulting bonds.  Failure.  The seams simply reopened again.

At this point, i decided that it was all or nothing.  i was likely going to need a new cage anyway so i broke both seams fully, which left me with two fully separated halves.  i sanded the edges and then applied the model cement. As instructed on the label, i allowed the cement to set up and then pressed the two halves back together and held them together tightly for a few minutes.  After about three minutes, i wrapped a rubber band around the repaired cage and set it aside for 24 hours. 

The next day, i checked the repair and the seams seemed stronger than when originally bought but there were rough spots caused by the glue. i bought some 1500 grit wet/dry sandpaper and some plastic polish from the auto supply store (bet they'd never guess how that stuff was going to be used) and proceeded to knock down the rough spots and polish the cage as much as possible.

The repairs seems to be holding. i've worn the repaired CB6000 for three days now with no problems. i still am in the market for a CB6000s but the Stockroom storefront (street name is "Syren") was sold out of the 6000s and they appeared to be on backorder.

First Time in CB6000 Exceeding 24 Hours

Those of Y/you who have been following my blog for a while now know that my Wife knows nothing about the CB6000.  She gets the upsides of increased attention and more service than ever before without having to be involved in the care and maintenance of the CB6000.  i typically lock and unlock myself to prevent any temptation exceeding my ability for restraint. i was chronic in the desire to handle things on my own...more than once a day was typical.

My Wife is traveling this weekend.  Normally, for me personally, this would be a HUGE temptation and a HUGE failure of my self-control.  Hence the need for a functioning CB6000 this weekend.

Yes, having the keys accessible is a weakness in the system, but i also have the viewpoint that, if i am going to go through all the trouble and expense of owning and wearing a CB6000, i need to commit to not breaking down and unlocking.  Sounds goofy, and it may BE goofy, but until my Wife is involved as a keyholder, i do what i can.

So here i sit in day 2 of lockup.  i locked yesterday morning before work and i am not planning on removing the device until tomorrow afternoon before She arrives home.  In the meantime, i have some kid duties to perform and some housework that needs my attention.  i'd love to post more, but i am out of time for the moment.

Enjoy Y/your day and i look forward to an comments Y/you may have.

-chaste hubby

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sorry for the Silence

To the followers of this blog, i apologize for the lengthy silence since the holidays.  i am still devoted to the chastity lifestyle, with or without my Wife's participation.  As the new year started, we began to get along better than ever. Less arguing by me, less snapping by me, less of many things by me and more loving by me, more caring by me and more housework for me.

i have been engaging in conversations with people on Twitter as, who else, ChasteHubby. i receive encouraging words there and i attempt to provide encouragement to others as well.  Twitter has revitalized my love to people of all kinds. Really, there are great conversations that occur over there and the conversations help keep me motivated to improve myself.

So what have i been doing of late with respect to my relationship? 

First, i bought some massage oils and i have been offering to give my Wife a massage every night possible. Sometimes a massage just doesn't make sense, like if i have to work late or She is already sleeping by the time i make it up to Her bedroom.  Otherwise, i give her a half-hour massage.  One night, i gave Her a massage while we watched "The Breakfast Club" - for the whole movie! 

Second, i've been doing EVERY load of laundry. i do one load in the morning and one load in the evening. Her house has never been as on top of the laundry as it is now.  

Third, i am on my hands and knees scrubbing the bathrooms every weekend.  i am not just quickly cleaning all three bathrooms each weekend.  Rather, i am deep cleaning one bathroom every weekend. i also am cleaning up the kitchen every evening and, once a week, i am cooking dinner.

i've not had an orgasm in about 20 days, which is an all-time record for me. i am waking up every morning now with morning wood - which hasn't happened to me for years. One of my friends on Twitter said to just keep thinking about how good the release will feel and that has kept me going. i want to experience that release WITH my wife so i keep my eyes on the prize and push on.

i have limited time today but so much to share. i will make a commitment to keep posting more frequently, even if it is a short post, but i would like to hear from you, the readers. We all need encouragement and correction! Have a wonderful week.

-chaste hubby