Thursday, December 10, 2009

Stopping the Leak

So I've been wearing the CB6000 all day during the week. I've also been wearing panties over top of the CB6000. The combination of the two keep me aroused all day. Yesterday, I noticed that I was leaking just about all day. I'm not sure if that was from the time spent in lockup without a release or if it was from the panties. I did chuckle, however, that the opening of the CB6000 positioned the leakage directly over the cotton gusset of the silky red panties I was wearing. By the end of the days, my panties looked like the panties of my wife following a sexual encounter.

To address the leakage and to save my panties as well as my suit pants (potentially), today I decided to slide a non-lubricated condom over the end of the CB6000. The condom caught all of the leakage that had been collecting in the cotton gusset the day before. I had no idea I could leak as much as I did. While I was not intending on sharing any pictures of the results, upon observing the amount of leakage collected, I decided I would post a picture to show just how much one may leak on an average day when locked for a period of time and aroused from time to time.

I think I will need to keep collecting each time I wear panties with my CB6000. While some may not be aroused by wearing panties, apparently the silky touch on my lower regions is enough to keep me aroused most of the day.

The lockup continues and my wife is going through "that time of the month," so release is not on the immediate horizon. Also, given the coming travels for Christmas, my grooming schedule has been a bit delayed to ensure that any grooming I do will last throughout our upcoming trip. Thus, I apologize for the excess hair shown in the picture.


  1. Interesting. I think a good sissy gurl will collect the contents for a very special Friday afternoon cocktail

  2. I've never had that problem. I've read other chastized men talk about dribbling "pre-cum" puddles but always thought they were exagerations.

    Now I must disagree with Leanne. A good sissy would use a napkin. A condom is just too eeeuuuuhh! Maybe a Kotex Lightdays Pantiliner would do the trick.