Saturday, December 5, 2009

Erectile Function

For years, I've had free reign over my lower regions and I was able to handle things myself whenever I felt like it. Often, something would trigger me and I would be overcome with a desire to "rub one out." Once triggered, I'd take care of the urge as soon as possible - sometimes I'd take care of the urge multiple times a day.

After marrying my Wife, the urges did not subside. I was pleasuring my wife and pleasuring myself...often. Eventually age and the repetition began to get to me. I was unable to perform in the morning and, more recently, I was unable to perform during some evenings. My Wife began to think I wasn't attracted to her - and it is hard to convince someone that you are attracted to them when one typically uncontrollable portion of your body is not responding as it should.

I started researching causes of erectile dysfunction and other performance issues. I stumbled onto the CBX000 lines of chastity devices and some postings by men that the CBX000 lines were helping them address their own dysfunction. Of course, when I started to study chastity devices, I learned of a number of other very lovely (for my Wife) consequences to locking husbands/boyfriends up in such devices.

I just HAD to have one. Eventually, I found a brick and mortar store that had the CB6000. It took some seeking and I even called the manufacturer to finally find a store that I could visit.

I've been self-locking for about two months now. My Wife is very vanilla and, the last time I tried to get her into something outside of the box (a vibrating cockring), it failed miserably. So I've been locking up Monday through Friday from the time I leave for work until I get home at the end of the day. Basically, I lock myself up and leave the keys in the car.

On average, I am locked up for about 12-14 hours a day - during the times when I would have the privacy and time needed to handle things myself. The rest of the time, I am with my wife or kids and I don't really have the time or the privacy to take things into my own hands.

This morning, for the first time in probably 8 years, my body worked as it should in the morning. I attribute this change to the wearing of the CB6000. The CB6000 is the only chastity device I have tried but I am willing to bet that other chastity devices also can work to help cure erectile dysfunction. As for me, I am a believer.

My wife, with a gleam in her eye, looked at me this morning and said "I thought it didn't work in the morning?" Her smile was priceless, as was the emotion that I felt at that exact moment.


  1. curious as to how things are working out with this issue...i am in the same boat, but have not gotten a chastity device yet.

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  3. i heard it may take as longe as 6 mon. or more to abstain from masturbation to be able to perform again. i have been locked up for 2 mon. and will stay that way for more than 6. my wife has the key in a lock box and only she has the combo. i'm in a pa5000 and love it. i went down a size from what they recomend and works like a charm. i try to masturbate every day but don't even get close. i hope soon i will give in and leave it alone, but the frustration is wonderfull.