Saturday, January 2, 2010

Why Chastity? A Woman's View of the Lockup

Thanks to for locating this video found on  This video informative and enlightening.  I agree with almost everything She says in the video with the exception of the effectiveness of a plastic device.  I am able to reach orgasm, granted an unsatisfying orgasm, while remaining locked within the chastity device if the period of lockup is sufficient.  Anyway, here is to an eventful 2010.  I hope it is starting off well for everyone!

Mistress' View on Enforced Chastity

stefani | MySpace Video


  1. I don't know, CH. It seems kinda sad. It would seem like, in order for chastity to be rewarding, there must be a stimulation of the largest sex organ we've got--our brain. Her inability to string two meaningful sentences together would seemingly belie that promise.

    "It's all about [her]." Good luck with that working. It never does. She obviously doesn't get it. It may appear that way, but if she doesn't understand what her "slave" is getting out of it, failure looms.

    Of course what does she care? There'll be another guy waiting for lockup. And another. And another. And so on. . . .

    Nevertheless, thanks for sharing. It's always interesting glimpsing the real life fetish.

  2. Why chastity loved by all men when it only gives a limitation on their orgasms.?