Saturday, January 9, 2010

Impact is Being Felt

I started my chastity experiment to see what impact, if any, it might have on my relationship with my Wife. My Wife swings wildly from submissive/docile to dominant/aggressive but she tends to be more on the submissive side.

One night, while having sex, I found myself unable to perform. This was devastating to my wife. She thought I was no longer attracted to her. Actually, that couldn't have been farther from the truth. The problem wasn't her - it was my overactive libido and imagination coupled with this wonderful thing called the internet. I was handling things on my own, so to speak, WAY too frequently. In fact, I had handled things earlier that evening and, as far as I understand, with increased age comes longer refractory periods.

Not long after this, I decided it was time to do something about my itchy trigger finger and I started reading about chastity devices. After much research, I settled on the CB6000 and started searching out a store that sold the device. My shopping experience was blogged earlier in this post.

Shortly after I started limiting my ability to freely have orgasms, I found that I started paying more and more attention to my wife and the things that she enjoys and appreciates.  I returned to the courtship activities, such as telephone calls for no reason, back rubs without expecting anything in return and bringing her flowers "just because."  I began carrying more of the load around the house, such as doing the laundry, cleaning the kitchen, washing the dishes and vacuuming.  All of this I did freely and willingly without any input from my wife.

She took notice.  She often would come downstairs and ask me to just sit down and relax.  I couldn't.  I wanted to impress her.  I wanted her to want to let me have a release.  This was quite a change.

I started flirting with her again.  More desire for release started bubbling over and, again, she took notice.  On night, I distinctly remember her asking me "Why have you been so horny lately." I just told her how beautiful she was but I couldn't bring myself to discuss the lock that I was wearing on a daily basis whenever I was out of her presence.

Fast-forwarding a couple of months, things are still going well.  Actually, things are continuing to improve.  I continue to take on more and more responsibilities around the house.  She is getting to spend more time relaxing.  And just tonight - she hugged me and said: "I really enjoy not arguing with you like we used to."

So - yep, I believe an impact is being felt. Could I have done it without the CB6000?  Maybe.  Did I do it before I owned the CB6000? Nope.  Impact felt.


  1. The Male Chastity book that you asked about discusses all of this: That all men masturbate much more frequently than most women know, and that being in chastity will have just this effect on him. ;-) Maybe it could be help you explain it to her. It even has places for her to list the things she would like you to do more of (again) for her.

    M. Magick

  2. Thank you Mistress Magick for the comment. I am strongly considering it. :-)

  3. Enjoy your blog and have signed up to follow it. We have much in common. I read your comments on one of my articles and appreciate your input. You might enjoy reading the last couple of articles. It talks about the effect of chastity on my attitude and marriage as well.

  4. I would have disconnected the internet before i put a lock on my cock! As far as household chores I build the homes we live in she can clean them.If u can't stand being a man try to pretend you are.