Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sorry for the Silence

To the followers of this blog, i apologize for the lengthy silence since the holidays.  i am still devoted to the chastity lifestyle, with or without my Wife's participation.  As the new year started, we began to get along better than ever. Less arguing by me, less snapping by me, less of many things by me and more loving by me, more caring by me and more housework for me.

i have been engaging in conversations with people on Twitter as, who else, ChasteHubby. i receive encouraging words there and i attempt to provide encouragement to others as well.  Twitter has revitalized my love to people of all kinds. Really, there are great conversations that occur over there and the conversations help keep me motivated to improve myself.

So what have i been doing of late with respect to my relationship? 

First, i bought some massage oils and i have been offering to give my Wife a massage every night possible. Sometimes a massage just doesn't make sense, like if i have to work late or She is already sleeping by the time i make it up to Her bedroom.  Otherwise, i give her a half-hour massage.  One night, i gave Her a massage while we watched "The Breakfast Club" - for the whole movie! 

Second, i've been doing EVERY load of laundry. i do one load in the morning and one load in the evening. Her house has never been as on top of the laundry as it is now.  

Third, i am on my hands and knees scrubbing the bathrooms every weekend.  i am not just quickly cleaning all three bathrooms each weekend.  Rather, i am deep cleaning one bathroom every weekend. i also am cleaning up the kitchen every evening and, once a week, i am cooking dinner.

i've not had an orgasm in about 20 days, which is an all-time record for me. i am waking up every morning now with morning wood - which hasn't happened to me for years. One of my friends on Twitter said to just keep thinking about how good the release will feel and that has kept me going. i want to experience that release WITH my wife so i keep my eyes on the prize and push on.

i have limited time today but so much to share. i will make a commitment to keep posting more frequently, even if it is a short post, but i would like to hear from you, the readers. We all need encouragement and correction! Have a wonderful week.

-chaste hubby


  1. i want to experience that release WITH my wife so i keep my eyes on the prize and push on.

    That's wonderful. It sounds like you're doing so well :) I agree with the person who told you to imagine how wonderful release will be when the time is right. I suspect it will be amazing!

    I do hope you'll continue to update here as I'm interested in hearing what you have to say :)

  2. I've often said that being locked in a chastity device has resulted in the best sex I've ever had. Keep up the posts!

  3. Bravo! I admire your love and dedication to your wife and your recognition of how orgasm/sex can be a terrible distraction and deterrent to one's ultimate happiness when it is out of balance (the case for most people). Orgasm control has been an Eastern practice for many millennia. It allows one to re-channel vital, Life-Force energy which promotes enhanced focus, clarity, spiritual evolution and over-all control of the forces in one's life (that one can control). Much continued happiness and success to you!