Sunday, June 20, 2010

Shoe Polishing Servitude

A recent post by "On Female Dominance of the male" that can be found here set my mind to thinking about something that i hadn't thought of before: "i am working to get/keep the housework handled so She doesn't have to lift a finger; i have completely neglected Her wardrobe."

While i do all of the laundry, including folding and putting it away, i hadn't thought of the most important of fashion accessories: Her shoes.  Before i began spiraling away from the life i had know, before i learned about Woman Led Relationships and before i learned about the potentially life-changing effects of chastity, i didn't pay much attention, if any, to shoes.  Now, years later, i notice shoes and feet more than ever before.

Anyway, i am adding "polish Her leather shoes" to my list of things to take care of around Her house.  For tips, i was directed to wikihow and its description.  i polish my own shoes, but i want to do better for Her footwear than i do for mine.

i will use the best polish i can find and the best polishing equipment that is made for polishing shoes.  i am open to suggestions if anyone has a preference for polishes or polishing equipment.

Of course, like the rest of the housework, She will need to approve of what is being done, how it is being done and how well it has been done.  If things are not done properly, Y/you can bet that they will be done again.  Thus, once, the shoes have been shined, they will be presented to Her for Her review and approval before being carefully placed back into Her closet.

Incidentally, the picture of the rose and legs is from Andrea Rinaldi on Flickr, the picture of the Microsheen advertisement is from rchappo2002 on Flickr and the photo of the maid presenting the properly shine shoes to her Boss is from photognome on Flickr. i like to give credit to those who provide the wonderful images to illustrate my thoughts.

i hope Y/your week ahead will be shining.

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