Sunday, July 4, 2010

A Training Leash of Sorts

The picture above from SandraSoroka on flickr reminded me of a post i had started sometime ago.  Years ago, we got our first dog. As a family, we have learned much about dogs, sometimes out of necessity and sometimes out of accident.  One of the first things we learned about, out of necessity, was leash training. 

Leash training is an important aspect of raising a new puppy. It is well-known that a leash trained puppy is a safer puppy and a much more manageable puppy.  Leash training takes much time, energy and patience. However, once a puppy has been leash trained, the owners can progress to having the puppy take walks off the leash but still under control.

Oddly, i was thinking about the similarities between leash training of puppies and chastity training of husbands. An untrained puppy will tug and pull against the leash and nip and bite the leash. The puppy does not like the loss of personal control and the puppy does not know how to behave on the leash. Over time and with encouragement, the puppy will begin to accept the dominance of the owner and the leash that connects the puppy to the owner.

Similarly, a husband or boyfriend is less likely to accept the dominance of the Wife or Girlfriend and, when first placed in chastity, may tug and pull in an effort to reassert his own control.  Eventually, however, with time and encouragement, the husband will resign himself to his rightful place a step behind the Wife and, given enough time, the husband may no longer require the chastity device in order to mind his manners and follow alongside his Wife.

Just like anyone leash training a puppy, the goal of the Wife is to clearly communicate to the husband what is acceptable behavior and what is not acceptable behavior. It is important that everyone involved in the training convey a consistent message or set of rules. If only the Wife is involved, this should be relatively easy.


  1. Chastity is but one of a multitude of tools that a Domme Wife has at her disposal in the training of Her husband, albeit a very important one. Much has been written in various chastity blogs about subs being kept in chastity for long periods of time. I believe that the key to training is not so much the length of time the sub is in chastity, but rather the length of time they are allowed out of the CB. In my sub sissy's training, I would let her out of it for very, very brief periods. Sometimes as short as a few minutes. She would kneel before me and I would allow her say, 5 minutes to relieve herself. I don't recall her ever lasting that long! Immediately after and following some personal hygiene, the CB went right back on. Now that she is trained, the behavior modification results are outstanding. I decide when it's on, and when it comes off.

  2. I love female chastity

  3. I love the chastity belt