Saturday, March 31, 2012

Will It Happen?

Short update on O/our current situation.  It is Saturday, March 31 at 8:07 am. Shortly, i will be tending to the lawn and other chores around the house before getting some work projects completed for the office.

W/we recently returned from an extended trip to celebrate our anniversary.  It was a long-needed time away to reconnect without the office, the kids or other commitments getting between us.  W/we reconnected and it was beautiful.

Last night, She left on a weekend trip.  She sent some photos through to stir some excitement.  After an afternoon of teasing, She sent through a text telling me to "be good."  This was meant to say that i should not take things into my own hands during Her absence.  i viewed this as an invitation (and quite an opportunity).

For those who have not followed my posts, i have been dabbling in self-inflicted locking for a while now.  Let's just say, i'm interested.  She finds it a bit beyond Her more vanilla tastes - She thinks the Birdlocked and the CB6000s are a bit freaky.  Nevertheless, i gave Her a CB6000s for Christmas.  She put it in my underwear drawer and hasn't mentioned it since.

"Hands off tonight. ;) The little guy is locked away for you."

After Her comment last night, i put the CB6000s on and sent Her a picture, which started the following back and forth:
 m: Hands off tonight. ;)  The little guy is locked away for you. We will see how sleeping goes.
H: Looks painful.  U don't have to do that. I trust u.
H: Love u
m: Actually not too uncomfortable.
m: i bought it for U to use on me.
H: Can u still get aroused with that on?
H: Looks like I could even still lick the tip.
m: U could now.  That made me swell up and completely fill the thing.
H: Does it hurt to get aroused
m: Licking the tip would be utterly frustrating...sounds delicious.  Hurt is not the right word. Arousal simply fills all the space and gives a small squeeze. i imagine being teased in it would drive me insane.
H: Make u beg to be released and fill me with all of your manliness.
m: The keys are Yours.  i will drive U whenever U want. ;)
H: I love u. Can't wait to be home Sunday to be taken for a ride.

Tomorrow is a long way away but i hope She keeps showing least i think i do.


  1. She is definetely on her way to being much more receptive about the chastity device. Good for you, I wish you luck! My wife didn't care for the CB 6000 much at all, too artifical way of control. I am on honor system, but use CB often because I am so horny. But she is very dominant, and I am not alowed to cum until 2 months have passed. She gets lots of orgasms from me, and every morning she teases and denies me. She rubs me through my panties until I am squirming. Then she says, "time to get up and make me my coffee". When I am finally allowed to cum, she rubs me until I start cumming, then stops for a ruined orgasm. I am allowed in her once in awhile, but she limits my strokes, and I must pull out before cumming and put it back into my panties. Frustrating, but we are in love and I love her and all she does to me.

  2. Your wife sounds a lot like mine about the device. Just not that into it at all. Oddly, your text exchange sounds like what would happen with mine. She will not engage in any of the banter back and forth unless initiated by me, and then it is stilted.

    I'm curious to see what happened though? Was she more interested when she came back?