Sunday, April 7, 2013

Interesting Tid-Bit For Those Considering Chastity

What style of jeans do you wear? Seriously. What style?

You might contemplate the effect of your sense of style on your chastity device. Let me explain. First, keep in mind that i normally wear suits, dress pants, or yoga clothing (think, loose fitting in the crotch-area, home of the aforementioned chastity device). Accordingly, the issue i am about to discuss rarely makes itself known.

Today, as i was dressing for a family outing (not that kind of outing - rather, a brief, enjoyable excursion), i put on a pair of True Religion jeans, the Bobby basic black style. It was then that i noticed the pressure applied to the chastity device. This pressure translates through the chastity device and to the body parts underneath the chastity device.  Due to the slight discomfort, i went through all of my jeans until i found the least uncomfortable pair to wear: my Gap Relaxed fit jeans.

Now, the chastity device truly gets the brunt of the pressure with unforgiving or unyielding clothing, such as jeans.  The downward force or rearward force applied to the cage portion of the chastity device translates back to the ring.  In the case of the Birdlocked Mini, which i am wearing at the moment, there is some stretch allowed in the connection.  On the other hand, the CB6000s, which i also wear from time to time, the connection between the cage and the ring is not so flexible.  In fact, i am willing to bet that the ring breakage experienced by so many is due in no small part to the types of clothing being worn over the locked package.

What should the chaste male wear, then?  For example, boxers or briefs?  If we are talking about treating the chastity device nicely, i would say boxers.  If we are talking about making the chaste male uncomfortable, i would say, briefs.  You see, when i wore briefs over the CB6000s, i noticed that i would develop bruising or pressure sores in the region where the ring contacted the area surrounding the body.  This is likely due to the pressure applied by the clothing choice.  Thus, to be gentle to yourself and to be gentle to your chastity device, wear boxers (or loose fitting panties, briefs, etc.) and suits or other clothing with room.  For some, skirts would be best.  ;-)

Be kind to yourself and let others handle the punishment.


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  1. I think what works best (boxers or briefs) depends on not only the kind of pants, or shorts you wear - but also the type of device you're in. The metal ones a a bit heavier, and I've found that tight fitting briefs, and even thongs work best for me if I'm wearing looks shorts or pants. If they're snug, it doesn't matter as much.

    For sleep, I always wear boxers (well, boxer briefs to be technical) since it gives me a bit more room to move and stay comfortable.