Monday, November 16, 2009

I Can't Be Trusted

I bought my CB6000 what seems like quite a long time ago - but it was only a month ago. For those new to my blog, my wife is unaware of my purchase but she is very aware of some of the advantages that my purchase has bestowed upon her: increased attention and physical adoration; more participation in cleaning the house; and improved performance in the bedroom.

The CB6000, when under the control of the cage wearing party, however, performs only as good as the "keyholder." In this case, I am the keyholder and the caged all rolled into one. Don't get me wrong, when I am good, I am very good...but the same can be said for when I am not good.

First, for those unaware, it is very possible to achieve an orgasm within the CB6000 - albeit an unsatisfying orgasm but an orgasm all the same. In other words, after a brief period of remaining locked, e.g., a week, one can become very aroused with very little stimulus. In my case, when fully engorged, the CB6000 is only slightly too small to contain me. When lubricated to reduce the likelihood of my head becoming stuck within the neck region of the cage during normal everyday wear, I can attain sufficient movement to cause a loss of orgasm control. Granted, I have found that this only is possible when I have abstained for a sufficiently long period of time, but still it is possible. Thus, I have to be very careful about what stimuli I am exposed to after only a very brief period of (self)denial.

Second, because I control the keys, I control when I remove the device. My wife is very vanilla and I am unlikely to convince her that the CB6000 is a good thing for her without having an extended period of "good behavior" that I can directly attribute to the wearing of the CB6000. Until that day arrives, I am engaged in the task of controlling when I wear the device and when I remove the device in a hybrid of an "honor system" and "under lock and key" approach. I am on the honor system when unlocked and I am on the locked-up approach, well, when I am locked up.

What does this hybrid system look like? I often lock the chastity device on before leaving for the office. I leave the device on while I am away from home during the day. I remove the device either on the way home or once I arrive at the house. I then clean the device and store it away until the next day. During the weekends, because I am with my wife and kids all day, every day, I remain unlocked. There simply is no time for any foul play during the weekends.

The hybrid system works great so long as I leave the keys in my car during the day. Because of the privacy of my office, I often have the ability to engage in activities that I should not engage in during the week. The lock and key approach generally removes the option and the pressure of remaining pure for my wife. I say generally because, as I mentioned above, after a sufficient period of time, I can attain an orgasm without removing the CB6000 even if it is unsatisfying (because I cannot touch myself during the orgasm - it is, in essence, a ruined orgasm). From the two times I have done this, however, I find it so frustrating that, learning from experience, I don't see this being a long term issue.

In the short run, I can't be trusted. Over the long haul, however, I believe that this hybrid approach will lead to the results that will have my wife asking about why my attitude has changed so much so quickly. When that day arrives, I won't need to be trusted.


  1. Interesting post.

    I've never been able to orgasm in any devices - though with my new custom Cage device I suspected I might've been able to last week. It's far more open than the CB styles, and fits me more suitably. Though I don't have enough room to get fully excited in it, I did find that the shower stream was pushing me up to an edge. I didn't test it though, as my wife made it clear I would not get out until 2 days after that - and the if I got *that* close but couldn't, it would've been that much more torturous.

    You might want to consider a KSD add-on ( if the 6000 is roomy enough for you to cheat it, I suspect that might sufficiently end the risk & temptation.