Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Comfort Zone

Today marks the two week anniversary of my purchase of the CB6000. The first day, simply putting on the CB6000 caused physiological excitement. That first night, believe it or not, I even ejaculated while locked in the CB6000. I almost gave up on the concept of chastity devices right then and there.

I experimented with ring sizes. I experiments with spacer sizes. I finally have settled upon the second to largest ring and the second to shortest spacer. I understand that the chastity device may stretch out the skin and, if that happens, I will be trying to move down one more ring size. Right now, however, the next smaller ring size seems to cut off circulation enough that the skin begins to turn reddish within a half-hour. I know, I know...too much information, but some people have asked by email so I thought I would throw it out there.

The first few times I wore the CB6000, I used no lubrication at all. I found that when I shrank, I would disappear into the shaft portion of the cage. With no lubricant, I had difficulty while locked moving into a position for urination. This problem could be rectified somewhat with a Q-tip cotton swap or the like but it also led to some slight discomfort.

Later in the first week, I obtained some personal lubricant and applied the lubricant to the head and shaft, which allowed movement within the cage during the course of the day. I found, however, that too much movement was allowed. I actually could very easily stimulate myself within the cage due to the ease with which I was able to slide within the cage. Because the amount of movement, in my mind, somewhat defeated the purpose of the chastity device, I stopped using the lubricant.

Near the end of the week, I dropped from the largest ring to the next smaller ring. The first hour or so in the smaller ring was fine but soon after that I began to experience a burning sensation in small regions of the scrotum where the ring was located. After poking around on the internet, I learned that the burning sensation was caused by overlaps in the skin that are not able to move freely. The solution, I learned, was skin lotion. I picked up some cocoa butter skin cream, which is the same stuff that my wife used during pregnancy to help avoid stretch marks, and have been using it ever since. While I have a very minor burning sensation from time to time, I can adjust under the ring and the sensation is alleviated.

I wear the chastity device from the time I am ready to leave the house in the morning until I return home late at night; usually I am locked for about 12 to 14 hours a day. This schedule affords me time to air out and allows my body to relax over night from any effects of the chastity device.

After the first 12 hour day, I could smell a distinct stale urine smell so I attempted to wash the chastity device with soap. While this decreased the smell to some degree, it didn't resolve it completely. I looked around and stumbled onto Wet-Ones. I now use Wet-Ones as soon as I remove the device. Wet-Ones or another antibacterial wipe seems to kill the bacteria that cause the odors. I wipe out the chastity device, allow it to dry and then follow up with soap and water. The chastity device has absolutely no smell the next morning. It is fresh and ready for a new day of protecting me from myself.

During the course of the day, I carry a small syringe from the drug store that I use to rinse with water after each trip to the restroom. I have found that the rinses have keep down the smell of urine that otherwise was building up over the course of the day. Yes, it is a bit awkward carrying a small syringe and a cup of water everywhere but, hey, it works and this isn't about avoiding awkwardness, now is it?

Finally, I also discovered within a couple of days the magic of the sock technique of fitting. For those that have not discovered this technique, you basically install the rings and just before sliding on the cage, you pass the closed toe end of a sheer calf-length stocking through the slit at the end of the cage. You then pass the open end over the head of your penis and begin sliding the cage into place. As the cage is moving toward the locking pins, you pull the penis head into the cage by pulling on the sock. Finally, when you are fully in the cage, the sock will slide off of the penis head and out of the cage. You now can comfortably lock the cage into position. After doing this just once, I found it so much easier than trying to cram myself into the CB6000 that I have used it ever since.

This week, the chastity device has become almost normal feeling. I don't notice it the way I did during the first few days or even during the first week. My desires to satisfy myself have dropped off dramatically. My wife and I are getting along much better than before I started wearing the chastity device. I am noticing smells and sights that I guess did not register with me before. A beautifully dressed woman catches my eye much more easily. The other day, a mom dropping her young children at school walked by me and I could smell her perfume. It smelled like Liz Claiborne, a scent I knew from my high school and college days. Things definitely are changing and I believe that they are changing for the better.


  1. Hi, thanks for linking to my blog (cricketed). I'm a CB6000 too, and it give me a real boost of confidence and collegiality when I read words from others who believe in the same sense of beauty and normality as me. Thanks again!

  2. i love to control male chastity.

  3. Thanks for your blog. It's helping a friend new to his CB6000s.