Saturday, August 16, 2014

Public Enemy No. 1 by Mystim Review

I'm back...even if for a short time.

Chastity is a frustrating thing.  Not only is it sexually frustrating, which is one of the intentions of chastity, of course, but it can be frustrating to wade through the array of chastity devices out there and find one that works for you and your anatomy.  I've tried the CB-6000, the CB-6000s, the Bon-4, the Birdlocked, all with varying degrees of comfort, discomfort, and success.

I would be sold on the CB-6000s, if the rings didn't fail so often at the point of connection to the cage.  Imagine my joy, then, when I saw the ring structure in an advertisement for the Mystim Public Enemy No. 1 chastity device; a new offering to give a try.

The Public Enemy No. 1 has a cage that is similar to, if not slightly larger than, the CB-6000 in size and length.  The Public Enemy No. 1 cage has a length of 84 mm while the CB-6000 cage has a length of 82.5 mm and the CB-6000s cage has a length of 63.5 mm.  The Public Enemy No. 1 has a diameter of 47 mm at its widest while each of the CB-6000 and the CB-6000s has a diameter of about 35 mm.  So, while the CB-6000s has a practically perfect cage size for me, I'll take occasionally withdrawing into the shaft of the cage for an improved ring structure.

And the ring structure of the Public Enemy Number 1 is much improved over the ring structure of the CB-6000 and the CB-6000s.  Those familiar with my experiences with the CB-6000 and the CB-6000s will know that the rings have failed, not just one or twice but several times.  The rings have a reduced thickness portion that receives the posts that complete the encircling of the testicles and penis shaft; the reduced thickness and sharp transition in structure creates a stress-riser in that region, which ultimately fails.  This ring structure is a significant design flaw, in my opinion.

The ring of the Public Enemy Number 1 chastity device is more of a ratcheting style ring, without the ratchet.  One end of the ring is received within the other end of the ring.  A pin secures the ring at a desired diameter, ranging from 33 mm to 52 mm in six increments.  The pivot location is located alongside of the testicles instead of at the base of the testicles.  The pivot location has yet to pinch me, which was one concern I always have had with hinges in the rings of chastity devices.  The only other slightly discomforting feature of the ring are small recesses formed on the inside of the ring, which recesses form teeth that can catch on the skin of the testicles adjacent to the ring.  Otherwise, this structure seems to address the primary weakness of the CB-6000 by removing the two-piece ring construction.

Incidentally, the Public Enemy Number 1 chastity device also comes with electrodes that can be connected to an estim device (two black pads (shown above) can be inserted or removed from the cage and the pads run alongside of the penis).  Until I buy an estim device, I will not be able to comment on the effect of those pads.

So, in I go.  I'll report back after a few days to see how this device performs relative to the CB-6000 and CB-6000s, which is the closest in design to this in my ever-growing collection.

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