Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Why She Returns

A quiet knock on the door.  No reply. He stares at his computer.  Again.  Three gentle, almost silent knocks.

He stands, smoothing his suit pants and straightening the lapels of his jacket.  Slowly, he approaches the door.  As he reaches for the handle, the knocking begins again, only to be interrupted by his pulling the door open and away from the delicate fingers curled into a fist.

"Come in.  Please." No other words need be spoken.

She enters his office, his private respite from the world outside.  His office.  His world.  His rules.  He is in command in his office.  She knows this and she enters willingly, wantonly.  He knows this.

She stands next to his desk.  He remains by the door.  She does not look back but his stare pierces her soul.  She shivers.

He quietly, slowly, methodically closes the door.  With a click, the lock seals them together inside his world.

She remains motionless at the side of his desk until she feels his breath on her exposed neck.  She left her hair up, just as he likes.  He is immediately behind her.  His chest...her back...moving in rhythm with their synchronized breathing.  She feels him.  Her knees begin to weaken.  Her body finds that place of familiar craving.

The tip of his nose begins to trace a line up the side of her neck until her reaches her ear.  He dwells and then slowly traces her ear with his nose.  His lips rake along a lower portion of her ear.  Nibbling on her ear lobe, he begins to whisper into her ear; she obeys.

Her black pencil skirt is raised to reveal the garters securing her black seamed hosiery in place.  Her delicate panties overlying the garters are exposed to him as she hooks her thumbs under their waistband and slowly lowers them.  As she bends to remove her panties, he grabs a fistful of her hair and holds her in position, bent over the top of his desk.  She freezes...as she has been trained to do...her panties in her hands and her hands at her knees.

He delicately rubs her exposed ass as he begins the ritual that she only knows too well.  Frightened, intimidated yet excited, she remains still.  He continues rubbing as he moves to the side and begins lightly tapping, which progresses until his hand is in a full frenzy of violent movement.  Tears fall from her eyes...silently.  He slows again and, with only his fingertips, he softly caresses her now reddened ass.  He ends this phase just as he has begun...his hand full of her hair.

As he pulls her upright by her hair, she drops her panties and she steps free of them and steps from her black polished heels.  He turns her towards him and pulls her mouth to his.  Deeply.  Passionately.  He kisses her.  His lips on hers.  Nibbling.  Exploring.  His arms now pulling her into him.  His passion.  Her fire.  Their emotion.  Their connection.

He lifts her onto his desk as they remain entwined.  She first loosens and the removes his tie...hopeful.  Her kisses move from his mouth and down his neck while her fingers deftly manipulate the buttons of his shirt.  With each released button, her mouth moves down his chiseled chest and abdominal muscles, nibbling, sucking, licking and tracing a line downward.  Suddenly, without warning, he yanks her head back.  He locks lips with her once again and then quickly recoils, placing his fingers on her lips.  With his fingers, he instructs her to move to the wooden chair to one side of his office.

With her seated on the chair, using his tie, he binds her to the chair with her hands behind the backrest.  Slowly, methodically, he unclasps her stockings from her garters.  Patiently, he slides them the full length of her legs.  He kisses along the length of each of her legs, alternating from one to the other.  He works the insides of the thighs and he dwells at her knees, her ankles and finally her toes.  Using each of the stockings, he binds each of her legs to the chair was well.

He turns to his desk and retrieves his wooden ruler.  She trembles ever so slightly, which arouses him even more.  He kneels before her and the irony of his kneeling position is not lost on her.  Using the ruler, he delivers tender yet consistent blows along her thighs as if to remind her that his kneeling is not out of submission to her but out of respect to her.

The blood flow rising to the surface reddens her thighs.  The pain increases.  He looks deeply into her eyes; they connect on a level far beyond that of mere verbal communication.  He takes her places through pain; places she can never reach without him.  He ceases the blows and begins gentle kisses.  The pleasure begins to replace the pain.  His tender kisses breaking her.  Tears well up.  His kisses trail upward along her thighs until she erupts with a single touch of his hand.

She shakes violently.  The ecstasy is devastating.  The love is crippling.  She beings to weep.  Helpless yet strong.  Addled yet clear of mind.  She is his, totally and completely.  He remains still, allowing her this moment.  As the shaking recedes to trembling he releases her bonds and he holds her.  She is limb in his arms; she is home.

This is why she returns.

Items Needed: Tie and Ruler; Secretary Outfit


  1. Rawr - thank you for writing this. So very hot and once again, beautifully communicated so one can almost imagine they're watching the scene.