Monday, August 18, 2014

Short Story - Scene

Silence burns in my ears.  Just the gentle, incessant ringing - ever present to remind me that I am alive.

My limbs have gone numb from being secured to my four post wrought iron bed frame for what seems like an eternity.  Periodically, I feebly struggle but somehow each attempt to free myself only tightens the bonds securing me in place.

My breathing is measured but shallow.  The darkness that has captured me surrounds me yet I know that the daylight is just beginning to fade somewhere beyond the mask secured over my eyes.

She's returning.  I can't see her.  I can't hear her.  I smell her; her perfume wafts into the room well before the clicking of her heels can be heard.  Faintly at first and then with an increasing intensity.  Everything she has done up to now follows a similar pattern: she begins very subtly and increasingly becomes bolder with each passing moment.

She enters the room, her heels announcing her entrance.  She strides over to the bed and seats herself to my side.  Her blood red nails begin softly tracing the muscles of my chest and abdomen.  Gently tickling at first and progressively increasing in force.  What once caused me to squirm from being ticklish, now begins to cause me to squirm from pain.   Yet, I know that I must keep as still as possible; each squirm earns me additional force.  Each flinch increases her fire.


She tugs at the chain.  The chain connects two nipple clamps.  The nipple clamps that have been in place for several minutes.  The blood flow pulses.  Each tug causing a gasp from pain and an increase in expectation.  Soon, I know she will tug hard enough to yank the clamps free and the surge of blood into my nipples will be painful beyond measure.

Just as suddenly as she began tugging the chain, she stops.  My breathing slows, momentarily.  I feel a prickling session over my thighs and into my groin; she's rolling a Wartenberg pinwheel with varying degrees of force.  I also notice a soft, silky sensation at the same time.  She must be caressing me with a silk handkerchief of some sort.  In the darkness, the pins and the silk create an intoxicating cocktail of sensations.  My breathing quickens, becoming shallower by the minute.

She slides a silken encased hand down to grasp the chastity device binding me from any chance of an erection.  I wince.  She softly and gently cups each testicle and then mercilessly gives a prolonged and tight squeeze to both. A moan escapes my lips as they tremble from anticipation.  She returns her attention to the plastic cage of the chastity device.  She taunts me through the openings in the cage.  She rubs the cage...imitating the motion that I desire with all of my soul.  Her breath heavy upon the cage, piercing me.

Suddenly, she releases the chastity device and begins to caress, every so softly, along my inner thighs and my lower abdomen.  Teasing.  Taunting.  She removes my blindfol and stares deeply into my eyes - silently.  I sense we will soon have the breakthrough that I crave.

Her lips glisten.  She licks them ever so gently.  Fire erupts in her eyes.  A glint of metal catches my attention; my key dangles from between her breasts.  A wicked smile appears on her lips - she knows the deep longing that she has incited.

She slides her body on top of mine, quickly, gracefully.  Uncontrollably, I swell against the confines of the cage, which squeezes me and increases the pain.  She slides upward along my torso and assumes a seated position on my chest, her hands reaching rearward and continuing the caressing of my body.  I can feel her moisture.  I can smell her desire.

Leaking.  I know I am leaking.  There is no way I am not; it's been way too long and she's tantalized me for weeks on end without relief and without release.

She senses it too; without looking, she senses that I am leaking.  I can see the anger begin to consume her.  What seemed so close now disappears into the distance at the speed of light.  She spins her body as if floating in air, pinning my arms. Her knees dig into my bicep muscles.  I yelp.

She reaches toward the bedside stand.  I panic.

Electrodes are connected to between the Mystim Tension Lover and the Mystim Public Enemy No. 1 that encases my most sensitive regions.  My body goes limp with expectation, with desparation.  I am paralyzed.  I've failed her.

All of the build up, all of the passion, all of the anticipation are gone.  And, suddenly I'm on fire; uncontrolled muscle pulsations begin and I being to shake.  She's disengaged, disinterested.  She's set the timer...only, I don't know how long she has decided this time.

Sweat pours down my face, stinging my eyes and blinding me without a need for a blindfold. She swiftly exits the room just as silently as she entered.  I feel the chill of the wind following behind her.  And then...darkness, cold darkness.  Shivering.  Praying for her return...hoping against it.


Props already in possession: Sportsheets Under Bed Restraint; Sportsheets Bedsheet; Mask; Spartacus Nipple Clamps with Chain; Whartenberg Wheel; Mystim Public Enemy No. 1 Chastity Device

Props needed: Mystim Tension Lover


  1. I love this, you really know how to turn me on... and how to write! Very well articulated, it's almost like I'm there. Thank you.
    - Cara Sutra

  2. Oh, Cara, but you might have been there - albeit, without your knowledge. ;-) And thank you for the encouragement. This all started with a single short story...years ago.