Thursday, October 22, 2009

An Amazing First Night

My Wife has yet to learn of my self-imposed imprisonment in my chastity device during the day. Because the CB-6000 is very effective at limiting self-releases, my attention has been focused more upon my Wife and helping out around the house. She has not requested any of this. I am doing it to improve our sexual relationship as well as our emotional relationship.

In the evening, I immediately head for the bathroom where I can remove my chastity device and clean up prior to settling down for the evening. Once everything has been cleaned and stored away for the next day, I return to the kitchen, laundry room or whatever area needs attention and help out around the house.
After helping out, I then let Her unwind alone in Her bedroom and I relax in the family room.

I am not sure if the male body puts forth signals or what, but my Wife who rarely is sexually inclined recently has thrown Herself at me for the past two days. Actually, once Her monthly "guest" left, it has been nonstop and She even threw herself at me once while the "guest" was still in town.

Anyway, last night She kissed me deeply while I was putting away some dishes. After the dishes were in the dishwasher, I relaxed for a bit on the couch until She emerged from the bedroom and lay on top of me. She kissed me deeply again and I took that as a sign that I should retire from the couch and go upstairs. As soon as I crawled into bed, She turned Her television off and began to turn me on.

While I have had some minor performance issues in the past, likely from a hyperactive fantasy life and a hyperactive masturbation schedule, last night there were no issues. I spent several moments caressing Her back and Her neck and then I began to work around to the front. Reaching the front, I gave both of Her breasts as much attention as She desired and then began sliding downward.

While I could post more, I think the point has been made and I wonder if my self-imposed chastity somehow is making me more desirable to Her. What a wonderful start to sliding into chastity this has been.

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