Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Late Morning Quickee

Just a quick post regarding thoughts and feelings being experienced as I type. In the past, When under stress, I have seldomly gone more than a day or two without having at least one if not mulitple orgasms, whether by sex or by masturbation. I guess the endorphins help me cope with the pressures of life and work.

Now, having committed myself to a self-imposed chastity during the day and a wife-imposed chastity (aka she isn't interested in having sex very often) at night, when I am uncaged, longings deep down inside to orgasm have been bubbling to the top more and more frequently. I guess this is the effect I ultimately was seeking - I just didn't think it would be so strong after just over two days into my lock-up. Stay tuned to this channel for more in the days that come.


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