Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Chastity Virgin

After exiting JT's Stockroom, my heart still pounding, I quickly glanced up and down the street to see who might be able to see what was in the black bag that I carried. I folded it over to reduce the size of the bag and placed it against my thigh as I hurried along to my waiting escape vehicle. Was that someone I knew that just drove by? Did they see me leaving the store with the bag? WHAT THE HECK AM I WORRIED ABOUT? I AM AN ADULT - RIGHT? Adults are allowed to buy things in adult stores.

I slid behind the wheel of my car, fired up the engine and drifted out into traffic. My mind began to wander. Why did I feed the meter enough money for an hour? What the heck was I thinking? I wizzed in and out of that store in less than 10 minutes. Where the heck was I now and where is the freeway?

I continued driving not quite yet knowing how to get where I was going. Once again, I fired up the GPS system and found directions to my hotel. My hotel - oh, yeah, I was going to my hotel when I made this much planned detour. Crap, and I'm going to be late for my lunch. Driving along, I fingered my newly acquired toy and thought about how it was going to feel and what impact, if any, it might have on my future.

I arrived at my hotel after my planned lunch was just about over but with plenty of time to check into my room and get settled prior to my afternoon meeting. I parked my car to the side of the valet area and wandered into the magnificent hotel lobby. I quickly located the registration desk and checked in. Key in one hand, directions to the self-park in the other hand, my heart again began to palpitate.

I jumped back into the car and wove my way through the roads around the enormous hotel. Bingo, a parking spot right by what looked to be an access door. I backed into the spot and placed the transmission in park. Before getting out of the car, I placed my CB-6000 into my briefcase and then proceeded to collect my things for the room.

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