Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wait - My Key is In There!

Picture yourself working in front of your computer on an upper story of a multistory business building. You are intently focused on the task at hand - aided by the chastity device tightly wrapped around your intimate parts. All of a sudden, the fire alarm begins sounding. You know this happens once or twice a year and you have to evacuate the building for ten to twenty minutes and then you return back to your computer and resume the tasks you were embroiled in prior to the interruption.

With the fire alarm sounding, you go to the window and peer outside. No smoke. That's a good thing. No fire trucks yet either. Wait, typically when there is a fire drill, the fire marshal is present and he drives a small red SUV. You don't see the SUV either. Could this be the real thing or is it just another drill?

You begin descending the stairs. One floor, two floors, three floors...then it occurs to you, your key to your chastity device is tucked away for safe keeping somewhere in your office. You know that you can no longer go back to your office; your floor has been cleared and everyone is headed down the stairs with you. You just begin praying that the fire alarm is only a drill...and thankfully it was.

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